Application Process

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Our responsibility is to both the adopter and our dogs who have been entrusted to our care. We strive to make the best possible match and we can only do so when we have been provided with all the information about our potential adoptive families.

Each dog has a full biography linked from the Available Animals page. Please read his/her description before applying to make sure that the home we are looking for is a match to what you have to offer.

Tell us all about you and let's see if we can make a love match. Until we know about your home and your experience we won't know if our little fur friend is going home! Please take your time and complete the application thoroughly. We certainly understand excitement and enthusiasm and that sometimes adopters want to rush through the application. Unfortunately that may mean we do not pursue an adoption because we don't have enough information.

Once applications are received and reviewed, we choose the best possible match and do a phone interview. Unfortunately we are not able to interview all potential matches by phone. To have the best possible consideration for an interview, please make sure your application is thorough and complete and that all of your contact information is accurate.

After conducting the phone interview and if it appears to be a match, we will send an email with instructions for meeting your new potential family fur member! We will meet with the entire family and hopefully it's a love match. If so, we have a contract and our adoption fee and you have successfully adopted!

Dog Application

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Once you submit an application a copy will automatically be returned to you. If you do not receive a copy, then we did not receive your application. You will receive an email response to your application usually within 24 hours. If you do not, please email us AFTER 24 HOURS HAS PASSED.

This application is the only opportunity we have to learn about you initially. Please consider taking your time and not rushing through it. We want to adopt to you. But we can only pursue an interview with those applications that are thorough and are a match for our dog and we only know that if you take your time, please.

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