Hawaii: Hibiscus

Maltese x Yorkshire Terrier Yorkie
9 weeks old - Medium coat

Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids

The Hawaii litter are 9 week old puppies (as of Aug. 14th). There are 6 females and 4 males. They're pretty small now and will likely top out at no more than 15 lbs. Their coats will either be low-shed or non-shed and they may require regular grooming. But if there are family members that suffer from allergies unfortunately these puppies are not an option. They are mixed breed puppies and not from purebred parents. They are everything great that puppies are and that's playful, energetic, full of life and then they crash and sleep the afternoon away. They love to be held and cuddled. They like to snuggle up with their foster parents. They love playing with toys. Of course despite having tons of toys to choose from their favorite are plastic bottles.

The puppies currently live in a foster home where they are fostered with other dogs. They live with big and small dogs. They are learning all kinds of good dog socialization. They also live with cats who rule the roost. So they are learning to be kind to kitties and respect their space.

We will be looking for homes who have had a dog of their own within the last 3 years. (Not family dog or roommates dog) If there are children they need to be over the age of 7. We will be looking for applicants who are prepared for a puppy and demonstrate such on the application.

**Not all of our dogs go to each adoption event. We want to make sure if you are interested in a dog that we have the dog at adoptions but that can only happen if you fill out an application ahead of time and are pre-approved. (Generally this must happen prior to the weekend)

**If you are wanting to submit an application within 24 hours of an event, please print off the application and bring with you as well as submitting it. You may still submit it and if time and volunteers permit, we will contact you. Most applications submitted the weekend of adoptions are not responded to until after the adoption weekend.

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