Cocker Spaniel
2 years old - Medium coat - Male

Ollie is a 2 year old Spaniel mix who weighs 14.8lbs. He was a rescue from the shelter. He was listed as a stray. He gets along well with other dogs. He currently lives with big and little dogs. He is not a barker. He needs a home that goes slower with him and gives him a chance to adjust to all new things. He doesn't do well with change. So to be successful, he will need a home that at least initially is quieter, doesn't take him out in public to big crowds or where he has to interact with a lot of people at first. He needs that home that just let's him come in, settle down, get use to everyone and then slowly he can meet others.

Ollie will not have a coat that continually grows. What he has now is pretty much all he ever has except in winter it may get a bit thicker.

Ollie gets along with cats. He could join a home that has a kid.

Ollie is only an option for a home that has had a dog in the last 3 years. If there are kids they need to be teenagers.

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