Flo Jo

Shar Pei x Labrador Retriever
1 1/2 years old - Short coat - Female

Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids

Flo Jo, is 1 1/2 year old athletic Shar Pei-Lab mix. She has the wrinkles and the coat of the Shar Pei and all the personality and go-go-go of the Lab. At 40 lbs, she's the perfect medium-sized dog.

Flo Jo is full of life, hasn't ever met a stranger, and loves her people with a passion. She is being fostered with 3 big 50-60lb dogs and a little 4lb guy. Flo Jo spends most of her day rough housing with the 3 biggies. It took about 12 hours for her to find her place in the pack and that's pretty much what we see. She is a great option for another dog if introduced properly and given a chance to play. She's a hard player and takes her lead from the other dogs. Rosie is a pup so she may try to push boundaries but she responds well to well behaved dogs and to corrections from her foster family.

Flo Jo has no idea what personal space is or why anyone would ever want such a thing. When she’s not playing like a maniac, she’s crawling on top of her foster family and cuddling. She also enjoys getting all dolled up in whatever outfit her fosters put her in.

Flo Jo loves to go swimming in her foster home’s pool and has decided that pool water is better to drink than the water in the bowl outside.

Flo Jo has excelled in her foster family’s office as well. She just plops down and relaxes while they work and greets people as they come in.

She is not a nuisance barker and has been known to sleep through doorbells, knocking and even her foster mom trying to shake her awake. Flo Jo is crate trained and sleeps through the night without a peep, although she would much rather sleep in bed with you if that’s your thing. Flo Jo has not had a single accident in her foster home in the 2+ months that she’s been there.

Flo Jo needs a home that is ready for an energetic and playful dog. She needs an experienced owner who is willing to work on basic obedience with her because she is so willing to learn and so trainable. Rosie is both food and toy motivated. Her favorite toys include any ball made by Chuck-It, pool bones made by WestPaw, and thick tug-of-war ropes.

In her foster's hands she was already listening well, walking well on a leash, and showed zero resource aggression. However, her foster family separates all dogs during meal time and recommends that her forever home continues this practice since everyone eats at a different pace.

Her fosters are experienced dog owners with 4 great dogs who welcomed and showed Flo Jo the ropes. In that kind of home, a dog like Flo Jo just fits in...Flo Jo will need continued work and the right equipment to walk as well as she did with her fosters.

Flo Jo has lived with a cat in a previous foster home. The caveat was that this cat is very dog savvy and doesn't run and isn't put off by very many things. So Flo Jo didn't react.

Flo Jo will need a home that has had a dog in the last 3 years (owned personally not a parent's or roommates dog and not petsitting a dog). If there are kids they need to be over the age of 7.

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