Shiba Inu
2 years old - Medium coat - Female

Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids

Foxy is a 2 year old tiny Shiba Inu mix. We say she is Shiba mixed with Fox. She was a rescue from the shelter. She was a stray but we know there's some hidden story and we keep asking her but she won't tell us! The first day you meet her she is shy and reserved. But don't let this girl fool you. She is full of life and she is peppy little spark once she knows you. But yes, she does need a moment to get to know you. So if you're expecting her to jump all over you when she first meets you, you might be disappointed. But if you're not expecting it in a few days, boy will you be surprised!

Note from her Foster Mom:

I am of the firm belief that all dogs are good dogs, but Foxy is an especially good dog. When I picked her up, she was too afraid to get out of my arms. She was able to be picked up not because she felt comfortable with me, but because she wasn’t sure she was allowed to get away from me. She was skinny and incredibly shy. When she got home, she found a corner to hide in and quietly growled when my two playful puppies bounced around, wanting to play. She didn’t snap, or bite, or bark. Just a soft, scared growl. She spent the night in her crate, only coming out for puppy safe chicken and rice soup.

The next day she ventured out of her crate and sniffed at her foster sisters, but didn’t play. She’s not sure how. She hid from the humans.

The third day we heard her bark. It’s a high pitched yip! On this day, she started to play with her sisters, and come up to people for treats. We saw her tail wag, and she didn’t flinch when we walked past her. By the end of the day, she was sleeping behind our knees, curled up with all her sisters. She didn’t go near her crate again.

After that third day, it was like an entire new dog. She was still a little shy and prone to flinching when startled, but now she jumps onto our laps, or curls up with her sisters. She went outside on a leash and followed along at her sisters sides, not pulling, just trotting along and sniffing bushes. She’s not quite sure what to do with toys, so she watches her foster sisters and tries to gently copy.

She adores the man in the home. She’s not afraid of men in the least. She spends the majority of her time curled up on the chair beside him, or crawling all over him. She takes cheese from his hand.

Foxy loves exploring the house, going out on walks, and cuddles. She’d rather come to you, though. She has a deep, passionate love for chicken and has composed (mentally) many a sonnet about peanut butter and apples. She likes to touch her nose to your nose, and be brushed. She’s very soft, and very cute.

Foxy will pee/poop outside, but will use puppy pads with no issue. She’s not aggressive towards other dogs at all. She really likes other dogs, and would greatly benefit from having a confident dog to model her behavior after. She likes soft voices and slow movement, so a family with kids under 13 might not be the best idea, unless they understand the meaning of “slow” and “patient”. This isn’t a dog that’s going to trust you right away. She takes awhile. She likes her space at first. She likes cheese a lot. Cheese helps. A nice Irish cheddar is her preference.

If you want a bouncy puppy that will sleep in your arms right away, Foxy isn’t that dog quite yet. But if you’re willing to show kindness and understanding, if you’re willing to wait, and speak softly, and go at her pace, then Foxy is an exceptional dog, and would make a loving pet to the right family.

Every day, Foxy gets a little braver. She plays a little harder, or comes a little closer. She trusts a little bit more.

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