Jack Russell Terrier
1 year old - Medium coat - Female

Noel is a 1 year old JRT mix who we rescued off the meat trucks of Korea. She weighs about 7 lbs-- she's a tiny little thing! Her foster family knows her best, of course, so here is what they have to say about her:

Noel is a sweet gentle little girl. Watching her get braver daily has been fascinating. When we brought her home she was restless and paced permanently around the house. She's clearly used to being around animals because she completely ignored our 2 large cats and had little interest in our dogs either. She happily and quietly got into her crate and slept through the night. Day 2 was completely different, she discovered toys! Noel LOVES to play with every kind of toy, balls, ropes, chew-toys etc. She also started to cuddle a little with our dogs, politely edging towards them and falling asleep beside them. She also started getting very affectionate and now loves to sleep beside you with her head on your lap. Noel is a very smart girl. We're on day 6 and she's housebroken already, runs outside to do her business or waits for a walk and does it elsewhere. No accidents since day 2. On walks she greets every human and animal with a wagging tail, and is clearly loving life outside a cage. She has learned 'sit' and is progressing with 'stay' and 'down'. She's progressing on leash and walks well with other dogs. She's met young children at the park and is very sweet around them.Noel is an option for a home that has had some dog experience. If there are children in the home, they need to be over the age of 8.Someone will be very lucky to care for this non-aggressive, cat and dog friendly, people friendly, sweet, quiet dog.

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