Beagle x Spaniel
4 years old - Short coat - Male

Eminem is a 4 year old Beagle-Spaniel mix who we rescued from the shelter with his brother Dr. Dre. They were surrendered to their local shelter by their family. We don't know why they were left there, but we promised them a bright and happy new future!

Here is the report on Eminem from his foster home:

Eminem is playful and energetic and loves to meet new people! He loves to greet you when you come in the house, and to follow you around from room to room. If you're sitting quietly reading, he will curl up near you and keep you company. Eminem sleeps through the night, either in a bed with people or by himself. He seems to be completely housebroken, and will go straight to the door when he needs to go out. He follows people around and takes cues from them to figure out what to do. If everyone else is sitting around and relaxing, so will he.

He in not very interested in toys yet, since he does not like to chew/bite things. He likes being around people more. He is a great companion. He likes to jump up on people, especially when he is excited to greet a new person, even though he only wants to get some pats. He’s incredibly soft, and is definitely a people-pleaser, seeing that he follows his humans around everywhere they go. He only weighs 18 lbs. He is a very happy dog, wagging his tail all the time. He cares for his "people" a lot and likes to express it by wagging, following you around, curling up next to you, and snuggling.

Eminem may be an option for a first time dog owner who has done their research and demonstrates readiness to bring a pup into the home. He is an option for children over the age of 7.

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