Cardi B.

Wheaten Terrier
2 years old - Long coat - Female

Good with dogs
Good with cats
Good with kids

Cardi B is a 2 year old Terrier mix who weighs 28lbs. She is more long and low than she is long legged and tall. She came into our rescue very pregnant and shortly after had 8 beautiful pups who will be up for adoption next week. She was a character from the beginning. She came in with a belly dragging on the floor and she tried and tried to get on the couch and couldn't make it. So she just plopped herself down on the floor and was done! Well, after puppies she still can't get on the couch. Lol! She's much more horizontal than vertical.

Cardi B gets along well with other dogs. She has lived with big and little dogs. She lived with dogs after she whelped and she has never had an issue with any of the dogs she has met. She also doesn't seem to care whether she has the company of other dogs. Cardi B will require some kind of containment when her family leaves the home. Her foster used an Xpen. She also has used a crate. But on those few occasions where she was left out to run the house, her foster mom had some redecorating done...She had shoes chewed (but only the right shoe. Never left. So she has 4 pairs without a right shoe), her magazines were no longer left in an orderly manner on the table, and well the clothes were no longer all folded and stacked. She thought they looked better separated all over the house. Oh yes, Cardi B is a puppy. She doesn't do so much damage (minus the chewed shoes) as much as she just gets bored and needs chew items.

Cardi B has lived with a dog savvy cat. She couldn't care less one way or another.

Cardi B is a great option for a home that has not had a dog recently. She has a fabulous temperament and a great personality. She will love people instantly. If there are children they need to be over the age of 6.

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