Norfolk Terrier x Shih Tzu
2 years old - Medium coat - Female

Good with dogs
Good with kids

Cheesey is a 2 year old 12lbs Terrier-Shih Tzu mix. She came from a home that originally saved her from a bad breeding/hoarder situation. They simply wanted to get her out of the situation and then find someone to love her. We agreed to take her in. She is 100% a house dog. She is use to being inside with her people. She will go outside to do her business (no accidents so far) but then it's right back inside. She is not a dog who can be left outside. She isn't an outdoor dog. She could be an awesome apartment or condo dog.

Cheesey was very attached to the girl in the temporary home who had physical challenges from an injury. She loved her, snuggled with her, and was almost instantly her BFF. It was as if she had an understanding that this young girl needed Cheesey. She could be a great option for a shyer kind of child in a new home. Cheesey also seemed to gravitate more towards the quieter dogs who were more independent. The high strung ones tended to really overwhelm her initially. In her foster home, her foster just let her adapt and she did and eventually became friends with everyone. So it would be a matter of whether her new home would give her that time if there was an exuberant canine friend awaiting her.

Cheesey is currently living with a very dog savvy cat that doesn't mind that once she was comfortable she wanted to entice him to play. He plays for a bit and then jumps up on his cat tree and she's left to find another friend to play with...

Cheesey is an option for a less experienced home that is prepared for having a new dog. If there are children they need to be 6 years or older.

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