Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Papillon
2 years old - Long coat - Female

Good with dogs
Good with kids

Faith is a 2 year old CKC Spaniel-Papillon mix who weighs 11lbs. She was a rescue from the shelter. She is a quiet, loving, gentle dog. She will come into a home and quietly hang out in the corner or away from all the noise. As she becomes more and more comfortable she begins to make her way to people. Those who are gentle with her she will adapt rather quickly. We saw her begin to blossom within hours of coming into the home. However, if you're looking for a dog who will declare her undying love in the first few months then this is not your dog...She doesn't do that. She will sit on your lap but she will seem aloof at first. You have to give her time. Because in that time she will declare her love and she will be your little velcro lover girl. She will follow you from room to room.

Faith currently lives with other dogs. She gets along with everyone. She is the type that gets along with all dogs. She will follow the lead of a confident dog. If she sees another dog giving you attention and love, then she will want you to give you attention and love. She wants what others have! Faith is a quiet dog. She's not a nuisance barker.

Faith is only an option for a home that has had a dog in the last 3 years. We may consider a very thorough application that demonstrates an understanding of dogs and behavior and how to build Faith's confidence. If there are kids they need to be over the age of 10.

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