Amy Poehler

Cockapoo x Shih Tzu
3-4 years old - Long coat - Female

Good with dogs
Good with kids

Amy Poehler is a 3-4 year old Cockapoo x Shih Tzu mix. She has a non-shedding coat that is an option for those who have allergies or simply want a dog who doesn't shed. She will require regular grooming. We will be looking for the application that demonstrates a commitment to grooming and understands the grooming needs of these types of breeds. Amy weighs approximately 20lbs.

Amy is very sweet and loving. She will be initially observant and watch everything that has goes on around her. Within minutes she will calmly crawl into your lap. She's not a high energy gal. She's a more, "I would enjoy long walks on the beach but if you want a marathon girl, I'll be on the sideline cheering you on" kind of dog. She's not one who is going to need lots of exercise. She could easily be an option for an apartment or condo. Her preference is to be with her people. She's a dog who could go to work with Mom or Dad if they have a dog-friendly office or business. She's a dog who would hang out under the table at a dog-friendly restaurant.

Amy is fostered with both big and small dogs and she has truly begun to shine because of them. All of the dogs in the household are outgoing and some are playful and it is really starting to rub off on her. They are showing her the way of the world and the house of course. Amy has a true heart of gold.

Amy lives with a cat as well.

Amy is only an option for a home that has had dogs previously. She's not necessarily a first-time dog owner dog but someone with some experience and dog savviness would be an option. Amy is an option for a home with children if they are over the age of 10.

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